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Crkva Sv. Trojice

Crkva Sv. Trojice

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Crkva Sv. Troijice

Church of the Holy Trinity

It is the biggest church in Baška area.  Built in Baroque style in the 18th century (1723), the interior holds eight altars, one of which is dedicated to St. Trinity.  Further decorating the interior of the church are pictures by famous painters from Fran Juric in the 18th century, the Venetians Paul Campus in the 16th century, Jacopo Palma the Younger in the 17th century.  The church was gifted a priceless wrought silver cross by the Frankopan Princes.  Its bell tower dates from 1766 and rises 28m.

The Church of St. John the Baptist and adjoining cemetery, known as ‘The Old Man’ dates from the 11th century, and was the first church in the valley and hosts in its bell tower the oldest bell in the area, dating from 1431.