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About Baska

Baška (Croatian pronunciation: [bâʃka]) is a settlement and a municipality on the southern end of the island of Krk, Croatia, in the Adriatic sea.  This cultural and historical centre famous for its inscribed stone monument from 1100 AD, the renowned Baška tablet (Baščanska ploča), a hundred year tradition in tourism and has developed into a popular resort.

Baška has a rich cultural and historical heritage.  The region was originally settled mostly by the Lapod trip of the Illyrians though it took the Romans to develop it in to a settlement around 418 AD and had a fortified castle (Castelum Besca) first mentioned in 1232 AD.  Most noteworthy is an early Christian archaeological site from the 5th century AD where the Baška tablet was written in the Glagolitic script is one of the earliest known inscriptions of the Croatian languages, discovered in the Church of St. Lucy in nearby Jurandvor and is also the first mention of Croatian King Zvonimir (1075-1089) and now housed at Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb.  The local heritage museum in Baška houses an interesting ethnographic collection.

In the surrounding area there are 19 hiking trails with a total length of over 80 km.  Medical herbs Wormwood, Sage, Thyme, and Milfoil grow naturally in the wild here and can be found in abundance.

Baška beach and town offer you the best in gastronomy and entertainment and also as a stepping off point for discovering the surrounding islands by ferry boat.  With a population of approximately 1500 residents and covering an area of 62km2, Baška is considered to be one of the loveliest areas on Krk.

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